Historical property markets returns during interest hikes

Dear friends who are looking to upgrade or invest in a property soon.

Understandably some of you are very concerned about the potential impact of rate hikes on our real estate market.

Is it true that with interest rate hikes, property prices will be curtailed?

Does it make sense to sit on the fences with your dormant savings and wait for prices to fall?

Is upgrading to a private home or investing in a 2nd property today a wise choice?

Well, look no further, as NAVIS research once again brings you insights on the latest market trends and helps you see beyond the economic fog.

Based on events of a similar nature in the past, we can observe that in the majority of periods measured after a 1st Federal Reserve Rate Hike, the Singapore property market has continued rallying. To be precise, in all 8 events, 75% of the time the market has rallied in the following 3, 6 and 12 months periods. On the back of oil and commodities price spikes in recent months, interest rate hikes may have to be tapered to prevent over stalling the economy.

PM any of our NAVIS realtors to get our summary of how the real estate market has historically performed after interest rate hikes begin.


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